Robin Seeley, Ph.D...

My Ph.D. is in clinical and transpersonal psychology, which is the study of the whole person – including our emotional, intellectual, community and family, environmental, creative, and spiritual concerns. I have years of additional training in ecopsychology and rites of passage; trauma work including EMDR; hypnosis; mindfulness based stress reduction, and cross-cultural spiritual practices.

Prior to earning my doctorate from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2000, I worked as a business professional and consultant in Silicon Valley for more than two decades. This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of the issues faced by business executives and other professionals. Thus part of my practice includes helping you enhance your productivity and performance.

My lifelong practice of martial arts, and extensive travel around the world, also inform my interest in mind-body healing practices and cultural diversity. And eco- psychology—the awareness that we are not separate from nature, and the implications of this truth for our lives—informs my work at every level.

At this point in my life, I have deep professional skills and a robust faith in the healing possibilities of the human mind and heart. If you are interested in how we might partner to help you engage the next steps in your life, I hope you will reach out to me.